Mike Sherm from Vancouver Island. Born in Montreal QC, Raised in Victoria, BC, Mike Sherm started writing his own material at age 10, being an angry youth and always getting suspended he decided to channel his anger onto paper.

When Mikes parents decided to move up island to distance him from the things that were making him angry didn't work, he moved out at the young age of 14. Linking with the Apollo Twins from the former group Sunk City (consisting of Wetherbee, Lampoon, Sirreal, and Subway) and started recording at age 15.

The twins allowed the opportunity to grow musically and to perform live. Mike has been performing live hip-hop since age 17 and at age 26 has developed into an amazing, structured, and well rounded artist. Growing up Mike was inspired mostly by Dr Dre, Redman and Method Man, DMX, Wu-Tang, Masta Ace, Big Pun to name a few.

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